Atelier Tula Rosa

Co-creations with Atelier Tula Rosa

In collaboration with Tula Rosa we designed our one of a kind ‘Tula blouses’. Made from high-quality vintage and secondhand fabrics, created at her studio in Amsterdam. We have used Indonesian batik and Indian saree for our dreamy designs.

Tula blouse - Selected Vintage

About Tula Rosa

Tula is like a true magician with a needle and thread. She translates your visions into reality. At her studio in Amsterdam she also creates her own designs and teaches sewing classes.

Because of our shared love for upcycling and working with vintage fabrics, we decided to join forces and create magic together. The result is our Tula blouse design. Bold, dreamy and 100% upcycled. Each piece is one of a kind. Because of the use of pre-loved fabrics, not a single blouse is the same.

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