About Selected Vintage


Fashion has always been a way to express myself.
Like the rest of the world, as a teenager I was very shy and insecure. But my style was always in contrast with my introverted personality: very extrovert. Even though I wanted to fit in with the rest, I had my own style. Not always the best I have to admit, but I was experimenting.

My style has changed a lot over the years but a common thread has always been vintage.
I own vintage pieces that have been hanging in my closet for years. And I still wear them with love today. I would like you to experience that feeling too.
That’s why I started Selected Vintage. I want to share my love for beautiful vintage pieces with you.
So today I travel the world in search of the most beautiful vintage treasures.
There are so many hidden gems.
All these pre-loved treasures ready to be re-loved.
It’s my biggest passion to select the most beautiful vintage for you.

Lots of love,