Vision & Mission


Our collections are created by honoring what has already been created. We don't use anything new. Instead, we revive old fabrics by upcycling them. Everything has value. We just have to learn how to recognize it. That's what our collections are all about.

Our products are
  • made from carefully selected high-quality vintage fabrics

Invest in a 'forever-wardrobe'

True luxury is not to have a closet full of clothes, but to be in love with every item in it. When you know your own style well, you can let go of trends and choose pieces that match your personality. 'Invest in high-quality and timeless items', as you may have heard before. Just know it doesn't equal boring. Your version of timeless can be something like a colorful crochet kimono or a blouse with huge balloon sleeves. As long as it sparks a hell lot of joy to you! Our job is to create those pieces with your 'forever-wardrobe' in mind. So you can cherish them a lifetime.